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The midwives of Family Tree Maternity practice the

Midwives Model of Care in the community setting. 


People of all types and backgrounds choose to give birth out of hospital with the assistance of midwives. The Midwifery Model of care is safe care that reduces the risk of unnecessary interventions, including the use of pain medications and also the likelihood of a surgical birth.  Birth with midwives at a freestanding birth center, such as the Family Tree Maternity Center, or at home is appropriate for all low-risk pregnancies.



Care with Family Tree Maternity includes:


No-cost Initial Visit

Before deciding on your care provider, consider meeting with a few to see what feels like the best fit for you.

The Family Tree midwives offer a consultation visit at no charge which includes a full explanation of services. They encourage you to have a list of your questions written down, so that they can be sure to cover them during

your visit.  Click here for a great list to get you started, or help if you're not sure what to ask. 

Complete Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Care

  • Easy access communication with your midwife via phone, text, and email in between appointments. Have an urgent concern at 2 am? No answering services, direct access to your midwife 24/7. Have a question in between appointments? No need to wait; emails and texts are answered daily.

  • Library of educational resources on nutrition, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant care for client use.

  • Childbirth and Breastfeeding education built into prenatal visits.

  • Complete prenatal care with minimal to no wait – regular visits with plenty of time for addressing your questions and concerns.

  • Labor or birth in the water, if desired.

  • Continuous support and evidence based care throughout your labor and birth.

  • Complete postpartum care that supports the demands of new motherhood, caring for both you and your newborn, and breastfeeding support and guidance- all from your midwifery team in your home for the first few weeks after birth. 

  • Professional lactation support included with care, for breastfeeding needs after birth.


Personal attention


Holistic modern prenatal care that is customized to meet you and your family's needs. No “one size fits all” care! Prenatal visits that allow plenty of time to answer your questions. Appointments generally last about an hour. You 

will meet with your midwifery team on a regular schedule throughout pregnancy to develop a relationship for shared decision making and to support the optimal health of your pregnancy through regular health assessments similar to those you would expect during care with an obstetrician.  


Respectful Care

Gentle, nurturing care given by a team who respects you, your family and your beliefs.


Evidence-based care 

Regular and thorough check-ups for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, during labor and after birth, making sure you are both healthy and well. This includes recommendations for screening, diagnostic technology

and referral to physicians or other care providers when appropriate.


Advantages to Midwifery Care

Research shows that being taken care of by a midwife, and giving birth outside of the hospital… 

  • Makes it less likely you’ll have a cesarean section. 

  • Makes it less likely you’ll have an induction, have an episiotomy, or need forceps or vacuum to deliver your baby. 

  • Makes it more likely baby will breastfeed well.

  • Most importantly, for women with low-risk pregnancies, giving birth outside the hospital with a midwife has been shown to be as safe as having a baby in the hospital.  



Watch this short video to learn more about the strengths of midwifery care

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