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what clients are saying 

Jillian and her team made my pregnancy and birth experience just truly amazing. Jillian was always available to talk whenever I had any questions or concerns about anything and would always provide me with any information that I would need for my pregnancy. During my birth, I was given my space while also receiving support through my contractions and pushing out my beautiful baby boy. My husband was able to focus on being there for me as I had our son while Jillian and her team simply asked where stuff was and took initiative to get everything prepared themselves. Even with going to the hospital as a precaution, Jillian and her team made sure the house was taken care of and that I was still attended to, bringing me food and helping out with anything I needed. I still communicate with Jillian even months after having my son and will definitely use her services again if/when I have another child. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Definitely recommend them for anyone looking to have a home birth ☺

— Brittany Underly

Alma, Mi

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