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Family Tree Maternity Services is a teaching practice, and committed to preserving childbirth options for families for many generations to come through teaching the next generation of midwives. Clients are important teachers for student midwives, and we very much appreciate clients’ support of midwifery education through allowing student participation in care. 


Ensuring that quality of care is enhanced by the presence of student midwives is part of our commitment to both clients and students. Student midwives accompany the primary midwife and provide care appropriate to their level of education with the client’s permission.


 All students participating in care are an integral part of the midwifery team, and have been trained in neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation, adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic midwifery practices, and regularly participate in emergency care drills. 


Advantages of having students as part of your team:


  • Clients often develop special relationships with their students.

  • A student at your birth often means an even more helpful and supporting environment – an extra pair of hands can be very nice. 

  • By having a student, you give back to the midwifery community ensuring that more women will have the option of midwifery care in the future

  • Through your feedback, students learn to be better midwives



On an as needed basis other midwives, students and assistants may also be part of your care with Family Tree Maternity. This type of collaborative practice is also beneficial to clients. Below I have listed midwifery practices that I work with closely. 

Sarah Wilson CPM - 

Eden Midwifery 


Laurie Zoyiopoulos CPM - Faithful Guardians Midwifery


Jennifer Holshoe CPM - West Michigan Midwifery 

Patrice Bobier CPM -

Full Circle Midwifery

Dorothy Vandezande CPM - Genesis Midwifery

Connie King CPM - 

Dance of Life Midwifery

Katy Hobbs CPM - North Country Midwifery

Kristen Shook CPM - Northern Glow Midwifery

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