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Working to educate and equip mothers for successful breastfeeding.



The best time to make informed feeding decisions is before your baby's birth. Join us for breastfeeding education classes that are designed to give you the support and education needed to get you off to a great start, and allow you to meet your individual breastfeeding goals. Classes are held at our office in Mt.Pleasant or If you would prefer classes can be scheduled privately for you and your support person(s) in your home. Classes always provide the latest evidence based material, providing the most up to date and accurate information available. 


Breastfeeding Education Series classes in a group setting typically lasting 2-3 hours

and include topics such as:

  • Breastfeeding Simplified

  • Back to Work

  • Baby Led Weaning (introducing solids)

  • Babywearing and Breastfeeding

  • Tips on exclusive pumping

  • Babies at Work

The Family Tree Maternity Midwives also offer:

  • Private classes tailored to your individual needs

  • In-home postpartum consultations for breastfeeding challenges 

  • Office visits for breastfeeding challenges 

  • Drop-in Breastfeeding Clinic

  • Weight checks for baby


Lactation Specialist Services:


What can I expect from a visit?


Since the goal is a personal consultation that meets your individual needs, no two visits will be

exactly the same. In general, you can expect:


  • Time to share your pregnancy and birth experience

  • Time to discuss your personal goals and hopes for breastfeeding

  • Discussion of your breastfeeding history

  • Discussion of your baby’s medical history (including family history)

  • Assessment of your baby

  • Assessment of your breasts and nipples for any areas of concern

  • Time to describe any challenges you are experiencing

  • Observation of a feeding (please do not feed just before the visit)

  • Discussion of different nursing positions to find ones which are most comfortable and natural for you and your baby

  • Time to discuss any questions you might have

Why hire an experienced breastfeeding professional?


Some of the most common concerns for which mothers seek help include the following:


  • Sore nipples that last more than a few days, or are unresolved by other help.

  • Difficulty with latching.

  • Recurrent thrush, plugged ducts, mastitis or other breastfeeding problems. 

  • Your newborn is sleepy and has fewer than 8 feeds in 24 hours.

  • Your newborn baby has lost more than 7-10% of his/her birth weight. 

  • You feel your supply is low, or you think you may need to supplement feedings with formula, or you have been advised to do so.

  • Your baby is slow to gain weight, or has not regained birth weight by two weeks.

  • You are choosing to relactate or induce lactation for an adoptive child.

  • You are anxious about breastfeeding or in need of reassurance.

  • You have been told to wean and you desire a second opinion.

  • You did not have the success that you desired with your last breastfeeding experience. 

  • Help with oversupply issues

An experienced breastfeeding professional can help with:


  • Prenatal breastfeeding assessment and counseling

  • Positioning and latch of an infant

  • Prevention and management of maternal concerns such as breast pain and engorgement

  • Establishing and increasing milk production

  • Premature babies.

  • NICU babies

  • Managing exclusive pumping

  • Infants with anatomical deficits or physical disabilities such as cleft lip and palate, tongue and lip ties, or Down syndrome. 

  • Suck difficulties that interfere with breastfeeding

  • Confidence to breastfeed for as long as mother and baby want

  • Breastfeeding-supportive measures when mother and baby are separated due to work, medical, or educational issues

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